Stretch marks. Postpartum acne. Breasts that sag a bit more and peeing a little tiny bit every time I sneeze. Oh and who can forget about the hair loss.

“These are a few of my favorite things” to quote Mary Poppins. She must’ve been talking about postpartum bodies with that line. And here I am, so darn proud.

To my body. This ones for you. I’ve taken you for granted for way too long. 

These stretch marks were formed because you needed room to carry my child and this stomach bulge was once my baby’s home. These breasts were filled with milk to feed my child. These white hairs were created because of the mom worry I’m filled with every day. 

And I thank you. 

Thank you for creating this life. 

For holding my child; For my placenta, to which I’d later give birth to. How incredible you are. Thank you for protecting him and providing for him with nutrients every second of the day; For allowing him to grow in the most perfect way you could. For creating an environment that enabled him to grow. Thank you for being the capsule to the most incredible gift I have ever received. For every sleepless night since I was constantly up to pee; For the uncomfortable sleeping positions when trying to get some shut eye; and for the heartburn.

All of these were a small price to pay for what you have given me in return.

I see you. I love you. And I thank you.

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