Having been through early motherhood, I can safely say it is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Nothing about it is easy, from sleepless nights, to juggling responsibilities that just a few months ago, never crossed my mind.

I was constantly tired, stressed, exhausted, and while I had my husband and baby, I couldn’t help feeling alone.

There was no way he could understand what I am going through, and how it felt to be me, the primary caretaker of our baby! I was responsible for making decisions, decisions that would have a lasting impact on our daughter, that I couldn’t help feeling I am not qualified to make.

With that said, there was one thing that I was 100% sold on, and deep down I knew would be the best thing for our baby, breastfeeding her. Until, well…… A low milk supply happened……

Having a low milk supply was not only extremely frustrating, but it was even a bit depressing, with my daughter making sure she always voices her hunger.

With her being hungry and me having no milk, I obviously resorted to formula, which did feed her, but also helped spiral the problem out of control. My daughter became used to a certain milk flow, one that I couldn’t match, and every time I tried to put her on the breast, she would scream, refusing to even try.

I desperately looked for a solution and stumbled upon two companies. After multiple purchases and no results from either, I gave up on breastfeeding without ever really getting started.

Having been in communities with other moms, I came to the conclusion that this is a problem that many new moms are faced with, a problem that is largely unsolved, and soon after that realization, MoomysMilk was born.

MoomysMilk’s goal is to help moms successfully reach their breastfeeding goals, whether that is feeding for a couple months, or a couple years. (The AAP recommends incorporating breastmilk up until 1 year of age, if not longer)

We’re here to help you by offering our lactation supplements, support, breastfeeding tips, and clear applicable advice that can be incorporated into mom’s life with ease.

If you’re a breastfeeding mom struggling with a low milk supply, we want you to know that we are going to do everything in our power to help you make more milk!

When you order your lactation supplements, you’ll be getting hands on help from us! We’ll be checking in regularly, trying to find whatever is causing the problem, helping you implement the proper solutions.

If we are not able to help your low milk supply, we will refund the money you invested in supplements, because it simply wouldn’t be fair to charge you for results we didn’t provide.

So if you’re a breastfeeding mom struggling with a low milk supply, why continue to struggle alone? We’re here to help and walk with you step-by-step for less than $2 a day!

As Moomys Milk’s platform continues to grow, we feel called to give back and help families in need.

Graham’s Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Jennifer and Nick Hall in memory of their son, Graham. It’s mission is to offer both practical and emotional support to parents of premature babies.

The foundation supports the parents by sending care packages to them during their journey in the NICU and the foundation’s website provides a place for parents to share their stories and find support.

Why we give: 

 48,000 babies are admitted into neonatal intensive and special care units every year. While the newly born baby is in the hospital, whether the stay lasts a few days, weeks or even months, much of a parents life revolves around the baby unit.

The unexpected NICU journey is one that no parent hopes to experience, and often times, it is something that many families are unprepared for financially. Our long term goal is to support these NICU families by giving them a place to go to for emotional support, and by lessening their financial burden so they can spend more time with their hospitalized child(ren).