When you transition into motherhood, it’s pretty safe to say that your life flips upside down.

You’re filled with stress, anxiety, and worries while trying to learn everything you need to be a successful mom. With time ticking fast, you resort to taking advice from people who, in theory should be able to help you, but offer suggestions that might lead you down the wrong path. This was the exact situation I found myself in with our daughter, when our doctor and the nurses at the hospital essentially sabotaged our breastfeeding journey before it even began. While I’m sure the hospital I was at had my best intention at heart, I can’t help but look back at the whole experience with a deep sense of sandess. Everything they recommended, is the opposite of what I would have done today, and if I just had been a bit more informed, then maybe I could have breastfed my daughter.

It all started when the doctor warned me, that our daughter would probably break both collarbones if I did not have a C-section, they told me she was simply too big for a regular birth. The thought of that happening to my little girl was frightening so obviously I took their advice. We went through with a C-section and my daughter was born weighing 8lb 13oz, a bit on the bigger side sure, but not so big where I needed to have had a C-section. But the c-section wasn’t a big deal, it was what happened after that upset me. Before I got to even spend 5 minutes with my daughter, the nurses took her from me with their reasoning being her having a low blood sugar. They took her to the NICU where they proceeded to feed her formula regularly, and recommended we do the same, because that is what would help her blood sugar, which would then allow us to take her home. Being concerned for my daughter, that’s exactly what I did. Quickly, my daughter became used to the formula, and the flow the bottles provided. When I finally put her on my breasts, it was no surprise she wanted nothing to do with them. Her piercing screams almost broke my heart, so to feed her, I resorted to formula, just like the doctor and nurses recommended.

Looking back at it today, listening to these “professionals” ruined my breastfeeding journey before it ever got started, and something tells me that this happens to tons of new moms every single day. If moms just had a bit more information and a few more resources they could avoid the same costly mistakes I made during my journey. Our goal with Moomys Milk, is to provide new moms with everything they need to be successful in their breastfeeding journey. We are devoted to helping you provide your little one with as much milk as you want to feed them. Sure I f*cked up my breastfeeding journey, but if I’m able to help you through yours, then nothing that I went through will be going to waste.